New Regulations

Are you on top of your business security compliance?


Today, web privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA require innovative and enhanced data security.

GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA set the standard for how organizations handle their web assets and sensitive data. Companies failing to implement appropriate security measures are subject to government fines (the maximum fine for GDPR is up to €10 million, or 2% of the worldwide annual revenue), corporate liabilities and risk of civil lawsuits against management.

Covering the entire global economy, the latest regulations incorporate several significant revisions to regulatory efforts that data management companies must be aware of in both the public and private sectors.

Today’s hackers are more sophisticated than ever and are continuously evolving to breach single dimensional security programs. Your company’s current protective measures for its information security, including a web application firewall (WAF), are likely outdated and insufficient. Is your organization equipped with what it takes to protect itself from modern day breaches?



Sabres Security Smart Web Application Firewall is the complete solution to protecting your data and enhancing your application security. Your first line of defense has never been easier to maintain with automated updates crowdsourced in real-time and on demand monitoring and reporting. With Sabres Smart WAF, your first line of defense becomes smart enough to be your only line of defense.

Sabres Smart WAF defends you against the following attacks:


SQL Injection


Cross scripting or forgery

Brute force

DNS exploits

Cookie and session poisoning

Smart Cloud WAF

With the Smart Cloud Web Application Firewall, your cloud, website or server is fully protected. Whether you work with a shared host or a private cloud, your data is safe under the Smart WAF protection dome.


Virtual Appliance Web Application Firewall Allows you to install the VA WAF on premise and into your Local Area Network(LAN). Control your traffic and keep everything within your network with the ability to customize incoming updates.

Web Application Self Protection(WASP) is a proprietary invention of Sabres Security. Innovative technology like never seen before, WASP brings the best of both worlds and combines the abilities of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and a Run-time Application Self Protection (RASP) into a holistic product, providing the most secure web application protection. WASP creates multiple dimensions of defense around the website, server and database, providing an additional middle layer of protection with WAF capabilities that can prevent all web attacks in real-time. The WASP can act as a stand-alone product and can connect to any current Web Application Firewall via API.

Product advantages:

to any WAF

Holistic multi dimensional defense

Full coverage of any attack

Acts as another brain to your security

No load on the CPU

Bot and fraud prevention on the DNS level

Your WordPress website and Content Management System(CMS) has never been safer with Sabres Security WordPress Run-time Application Self Protection(WP RASP). Sabres Security WP RASP is an internal layer of protection, nesting within your application via a simple plugin installation. Built on an AI based human detecting algorithm to find even the most elusive bots in the web space. Our crowdsourcing mechanism and imbedded scanners allow real time updates to flow through all Sabres Security application networks and to prevent attacks before they happen.

Attacks prevents:

Bot mitigation

Fraud prevention

Zero-day attacks

OWASP Vulnerabilities




Anomaly based attacks

Malware prevention



Sabres Security products provide solutions for all your web application security needs. Whether you are in need of a web application firewall to comply with regulations and insure you have a first line of defense against the hazards of the internet, or enterprise level products that empower SOC teams and security management, we believe in smart security. Our tools constantly survey your data to detect security issues in need of attention, send automatic updates and provide you with a complete database of rules and threats.

Whether you are a data controller or a data processor, our products are a critical safety net under the new equal liability landscape of privacy compliance.

Using the form below, let us know your data security needs. Learn more about our dedicated support team, real time reporting, response to security incidents, and SIEM SaaS platform to manage all your data privacy needs from a single dashboard.

The future of cyber security has never looked brighter with Sabres Security.

Who we are

Sabres was founded by a group of security experts led by Shay Bracha and Ami Ahnine.

Their vision? For every business to be able to implement smarter cyber security SAAS products and to make it easy to secure all modern web applications. Friends for 30 years, Shay and Ami both have backgrounds in technology and security - Shay as the former CTO of Glaxo Smith Kline Israel and Ami as a Lt. Colonel in technological units of the IDF (Mamram, Lotem, Matzpen). They joined forces to create Sabres Security in order to fill a void in the web application cyber security market.

Sabres Security is a technological leader in the cyber security sphere.

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